Performance Guidelines



This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT. People of all ages will be running by, they will also have no choice but to see you perform. With that in mind, please be sensitive about wearing appropriate attire.

Jesus, I wish my ass looked like this. Even if your does, you should wear something with more coverage.

Jesus, I wish my ass looked like this. Even if yours does, please wear something with more coverage.

Appropriate attire includes: booty shorts and shorts that have full coverage in the rear. Full coverage sports bras, t-shirts and tank tops are appropriate for women, men are welcome to pole topless. I’ll be poling topless at the after party. Woo!

Except "Nitro". He'll be completely inappropriate but it's his house.

Except “Nitro”. He’ll be completely inappropriate but it’s his house.

Please pole barefoot, I don’t want anyone to say this was a strip club event. I have no judgements about strippers or sexy shoes, but platforms and stilettos may give the wrong impression.


Damn sexy, but save them for the after party.

Make sure your clothes STAY PUT by using double sided tape, body adhesive or “double bagging”. I anticipate a great deal of press at this event and have no control over the pictures people take and may publish privately.

Don't let this be you!

Don’t let this be you!

Music and Freestyling

This event will be entirely FREE STYLE. Last year we had a DJ but the party across the street had an even louder DJ so we poled to the music around us. We’ll still have a DJ just in case, but you have to be willing to go with the flow. 40,000 people will be running by and very few stop so choreographed pieces are lost on this crowd.

Serious stream of humanity.

Serious stream of humanity.

Keep It Clean

I love dirty dancing but this is not the place for suggestive moves. Remember that children, elderly and conservative people will be watching so take this opportunity to showcase your amazing aerial skilz and save the booty popping and speed bumps for the after party at my house!

You probably should save this for later.

You probably should save this for later.


All performers must sign a Waiver of Liability and Photo Release prior to polling. It will be available at the event but please feel free to view it here and make sure you are comfortable with all the terms. After you sign both forms, you’ll get a hand stamp which clears you to use the pole. No one may perform on my pole without a stamp. I just gotta cover my ass, you know?

Personal Promotion

You are welcome to wear clothes with logos from your studio, pass out fliers and promote your pole events, just keep it clean.

Performance Order

We will be poling Round Robin style. Please be considerate of all the fabulous performers and make sure that everyone gets their time on the pole. It’s a four hour event so there will be time for everyone to get multiple sets in.

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