Performer Bios


Vivienne is a long-time Boulder resident, writer and artist. She studies and teaches pole dance and wants to present it to the public as a means for empowerment, celebration and community. She writes at about her daily experience with divestiture, recycling, upcycling and charity. Her ultimate goal is to find peace, center, gratitude and connection with herself, family and core values in an overly abundant society. She has two small children, a mediocre Dane and a wonderful husband that are a bottomless source of inspiration.

Melanie in ext butterfly with VF logo

Melanie Piek is the owner of Vertical Fusion, pole dance and alternative fitness studios in Longmont and Fort Collins. Melanie has had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how pole dance can transform the body, mind and soul both in her own life and that of her clients. Melanie believes that pole dance is the perfect channel for expression, art, empowerment, self-exploration, self-acceptance, growth, social inclusion, healing, and fun which is why she has devoted her life to sharing it with others.


Nina Reed is a student at CU Boulder, the area director for a local au pair agency, a hobby photographer, and the organizer of the first annual Colorado Pole Championship. Nina has been taking pole classes for almost two years now, and loves the changes she has seen both in her body and in her confidence.

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